Tooth Extraction in Lewiston

Sometimes children and adults require a tooth to be extracted. This includes both primary teeth (baby teeth) as well as permanent teeth (adult teeth). If you need your tooth extracted the team at Joy Family Dentistry will make sure the process is as comfortable as possible, and will make sure that you or your child feels minimal discomfort during the extraction.

Why Would I Need A Tooth Extracted?

There are a variety of reasons that a tooth would need to be extracted. That being said, it is usually a last resort for dentists to remove teeth, especially if they are permanent teeth. However, if your tooth is severely damaged, decayed, or is causing orthodontic problems, it may need to be removed. Here are some reasons teeth may need to be extracted:

  • Issues With New Teeth: Sometimes baby teeth can get in the way of adult teeth and prevent them from coming in correctly. Because of this a dentist may recommend that your child has the baby tooth that is causing problems extracted to prevent issues for the primary tooth.
  • Orthodontic Concerns: If you or your child’s mouth can not fit their teeth and there is an issue with crowding, an orthodontist may suggest having teeth extracted to improve overall alignment. Some individuals even experience hyperdontia, which means they develop extra teeth that need to be removed.
  • Dental Health Issues: If a tooth decays too severely and root canal and other dental procedures are not viable, a dentist may recommend tooth extraction to prevent toothache pain and prevent the decay from spreading to surrounding teeth.
  • Damage To Teeth: If a tooth is severely damaged and a dental crown or cap is insufficient in providing support for the tooth it may need to be removed and replaced with a bridge, veneer, or dental implant.

Tooth Extraction For Children

As mentioned above, there are a few reasons that a child or a teenager may need to have teeth extracted. As pediatric dentists we are able to help children with the extraction process. There are two types of extractions: surgical & non-surgical. If the tooth is already through the gumline (e.g. a baby tooth needs to be removed to make room for an adult tooth) the process doesn’t require surgery. Instead the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area before removing the tooth. However, wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth may require surgical extraction.


Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an effective way for your dentist to track your child’s teeth. X-rays can show if permanent teeth are coming in straight or if there are issues being caused by overcrowding. Additionally X-rays can show if teeth are impacted or lodged in the jawline.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Unfortunately many young adults wisdom teeth are impacted. Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that unfortunately do not always fit in our mouths. In many cases, wisdom teeth are impacted which can lead to infection, tooth decay, and gum disease. Many teenagers and young adults need to have their teeth surgically extracted.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you need to have wisdom teeth removed, or your teenager needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, our dental office cna help. Our goal as a dental practice is to make the process of tooth extraction (whether surgical or not) as pain-free and comfortable as possible. If you have questions about tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal please let us know.

Schedule An Appointment in Lewiston

At our family dental office in Lewiston we provide a variety of general dental procedures including tooth extractions. Extractions are usually a last resort. Generally if a tooth can be saved and restored, that would be our goal. Regardless, if you or your children need immediate dental help, our team would be happy to see them and make recommendations.

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