How Do Dental Bridges Work?

When an adult loses a tooth due to an injury, an infection, or tooth decay, they may consider getting a dental bridge or a dental implant. Not only can this restore the appearance of a person’s smile it also can help prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting in place and avoid issues with bite alignment. There are many different types of dental bridges but the standard bridge involves using dental crowns on the adjacent teeth as anchors for the false tooth to sit between them. 

How long Do Dental Bridges Last?

There is not necessarily a one size fits all answer for this question. The length of time a dental bridge can last without getting damaged can differ due to a few factors. The type of bridge can have an effect as well as the placement of the bridge. Another large factor is how you maintain your oral health. Damage to the abutment (the surrounding teeth) due to tooth decay can quickly cause problems for your dental bridge. On average, if you have good oral health and see your dentist regularly it is likely your dental bridge could last up to 10 years without needing replacement procedures. However, another issue that sometimes happens is damage to the mouth due to an injury. For instance, if you lost the initial tooth due to a sports’ injury it is possible you could damage the bridge by playing the same sport later in life. 

How Do Dental Bridges Compare To Dental Implants?


In terms of durability, a dental implant is likely going to last longer. Many people need to have their bridges replaced every 5-7 years; whereas


Dental implants tend to be more expensive than dental bridges. And in some cases only bridges are covered by dental insurance. It's important to check what your provider covers when considering different procedures.

Oral Health

One of the disadvantages of bridges is that they put pressure on the abutment teeth and if proper oral habits aren't followed it can lead to damage to these surrounding teeth.

What Do You If Your Dental Bridge Breaks?

If you have an issue with either a dental bridge or a dental implant you should immediately call a dentist for repairs and replacement. An emergency dentist can help get things fixed right away and ensure that your teeth are taken care of. Dental bridges are vulnerable to sudden impacts on the teeth and may fall out or get broken if you are injured. Remain calm, call a dentist in your area, and they will help you take care of it. 

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