When Should I See An Emergency Dentist?

There are a variety of injuries that might require an immediate dental appointment. If you are unable to chew do to excessive pain, there is constant bleeding, or there was damage to a crown, bridge, or implant, you should not wait to see a dentist. In this article we will cover the types of dental emergencies and when/where to make an appointment. In some cases, you should see a dentist same-day, whereas in other cases you might be able to make an appointment in the upcoming days. 

Dental instruments next to a patient

Should I Go To An Emergency Dentist Or The Emergency Room?

The first and most important thing we need to discuss is the difference between a dental emergency and other medical emergencies. If an injury is life-threatening you should call 911 or immediately go to the emergency room. For instance, if other bones are broken in an injury, there is excessive bleeding, or there are non-dental concerns (i.e. a concussion), you should rely on emergency medical services.  

In situations where the injury is localized to the mouth like a broken tooth, lost filling, or severe oral pain, you should go to an emergency dentist. A dentist is more equipped to handle dental-related issues.

Reasons to Make An Immediate Dental Appointment

Dental Issues That You Should Be Aware Of:

In many situations you might experience a dental issue that might not call for an emergency appointment. However, if you experience these issues you also shouldn’t wait for your next regular checkup. When you have any of the following symptoms you should consider making a quick appointment with a dentist to help address them. 

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