Smile Makeover Cosmetic Dental Services in Lewiston

What’s a “Smile Makeover”? A Smile Makeover is a group of cosmetic dental procedures designed to improve a patient’s smile. Basically, a dentist will take a look at your mouth, and come up with a tailored plan that covers everything you need to get your best smile. 

What Services Are Included In A Smile Makeover?

Everyone’s smile makeover is different. The entire process is tailored to the patient’s individual smile. But some services include dental crowns, implants, veneers, and Invisalign braces, to name a few. Our team of dentists have helped many patients get their best smile from replacing missing teeth, to repairing cracked/chipped teeth, to simply helping with teeth whitening. 

How Do I Get A Smile Makeover?

Starting is easy. Simply make an appointment with our team and Lewiston and we will get you exactly what you need. To start our dentists will take a look at your teeth and make a plan. If you have missing teeth this may including dental bridges or dental implants. If you have stained teeth it may include professional teeth whitening procedures. And if you have crooked teeth, it might include custom Invisalign braces. 


Teeth Whitening

Learn more about teeth whitening and how professional teeth whitening works at Joy Dentistry in Lewiston. Just like with smile makeovers, teeth whitening can be customized to your needs.

Invisalign Braces

Get your teeth straightened without having to change your diet, make dozens of braces tightening appointments, or worry about how to brush and floss with wires in the way.

Schedule A Smile Makeover Appointment in Lewiston

If you would like to know more about smile makeover services, please contact our office. We would be happy to see you at our place here in Lewiston. Our team of dentists is always excited to meet new faces and help create amazing smiles. And of course, once your smile makeover is complete, we hope to see you every six months so we can help you maintain those teeth long-term. 

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My 6 year old daughter has been attending Joy Dentistry for a year. She loves her hygienist Jen. She relates really well to her. She explains what she is doing to my daughter in language she will understand. Great place for children.

Wanda M.



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