Many parents wonder whether they should bring their child to their dentist, or find a separate dental office for their children. Of course, one of the first factors to consider, is whether or not the current dental office you go to is a family dental office. Not all dental offices work with patients of all ages. When considering age, there are three different types of dentists; pediatric dentists that specialize in children (especially young children), family dentists that work with patients of all ages, and adult dental offices that only work with adults. So which dentist should you choose for yourself and your kids?

Does Your Child Need To See A Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist or a dental office that offers pediatric dental services, is an office that specializes in working with younger children. It is extremely important that your child get the right dental services. On top of that, pediatric dentists often specialize in making sure children are comfortable and that the entire dental experience is beneficial and educational for kids. Adults might not need a dentist to explain the basics of brushing and flossing. Pediatric dental offices are fully staffed with a team that specializes in caring and comforting young children and making sure that kids feel at ease during their treatment. They also often have bright colors, toys, play areas, and sometimes larger rooms that can facilitate a child, a dentist, and the parents who are staying with their kids during the treatment. It is important to understand that some family dentists also provide pediatric services. 

Should Everyone In The Family See The Same Dentist?

Seeing the same dentist doesn’t always work depending on where you live. As an adult you might be looking for an adult dental office that focuses more on making sure that adult patients can get in and get out. And that dentist might not provide services for children, and might even have an age cut off for when teenagers can start coming to the adult office. Meanwhile, kids might not feel comfortable in dental chairs that are too big for them, and in a sterile adult dental environment. The addition of stickers, bright colors, stuffed animals, and a staff that is trained in talking to kids are really important for a young patient. But those benefits might not really be important for a teenager or adult. Plus once you are older you might want to go to an office that doesn’t have a lot of children in it. 

But, there are some benefits the other way. A family dental offices that balances care for patients of all ages can be very beneficial for scheduling. For example, it can be easy to get all of your family seen in a single trip. On top of that, it helps display to your kids that you are setting your own dental care as a priority. 

When Is My Child Ready To Switch Dentists?

If you are wondering if it is time for your child to leave the pediatric dental office, consider talking to your dental office first. They might have recommendations or even rules about the minimum age or maturity for their patients. Many kids stop going to their pediatric dental office when they hit high school. And for a lot of kids that is another great milestone as they leave childhood and head towards adulthood. 

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