Getting a filling is one of the most common ways to address & stop dental decay before the rest of a tooth is infected. If your tooth is showing signs of decay and the decay is spreading into the tooth, the smartest thing to do is removed the decayed section of the tooth and use a filling to keep the tooth intact. This prevents further infection and prevents potential tooth aches, root canals, and tooth loss. However, if you notice that a previously added filling feels strange, you might need to return to the dentist. In this article, we will discuss bumps, loose fillings, and leaky fillings. If you need to see a dentist in the Lewiston Maine area, please give us a call. 

Why Do My Teeth Hurt Right After Getting A Filling

Unfortunately it is not uncommon to feel some oral discomfort or pain for a few hours or even a few days after getting a dental filling. The sensation can feel a bit delayed since your mouth is numbed during the procedure. If you feel a dull sensitivity or discomfort near and around the filled tooth for a few days, this is normal. However, if there is strong pain or pain stays for days to weeks, you should call a dentist and have it looked at. 

Why Do I Feel A Strange Bump Near My Dental Filling?

You might not realize it right away, but you get used to the shape and feeling of your teeth over time. Like any other part of the body, you expect things to feel more or less the same. After a filling your tooth might feel like it has dramatically changed shape. In fact, it likely hasn’t changed that much, but you are hyper aware that something feels different. During a filling process, a dentist will likely have you bite down to make sure the filling has not affected your bite alignment at all. That said, if your bite feels crooked or lopsided after a filling, or your jaw starts to hurt on one side, consider seeing a dentist. 

What Causes a Filling To Get Loose?

There are many causes for a filling to get loose and even fall out. The most common is decay. While the filling itself won’t erode or decay, the area around the filling is tooth. If you do not take care of your teeth, this area can start to form new decay. As the decay spreads it will create a gap between the filling and the tooth. This can lead a filling to getting loose and even falling out. A lost filling leaves a large gap in your teeth that can cause a tooth to get infected or break under pressure. If your filling is loose or it falls out, see a dentist immediately and avoid putting pressure on it. 

What is a Leaky Filling?

Like with a loose filling, a leaky filling is caused by a break between the tooth and the filling. This can allow liquids like saliva/spit or beverages to get in between the filling and the tooth. Bacteria and decay can get stuck behind the filling and start eating away at your tooth again. Common symptoms of a leaky filling are tooth pain, migraines, noticable holes around a filling, a loose filling, or liquid seemingly coming out of a tooth near the filling. If you have a leaky filling, do not delay, call an emergency dentist. 

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