When it comes to taking care of our teeth and gums there are a few very important habits to get right. Going to the dentist and eating a healthy diet can go along way in protecting our teeth, but one of the most important things you can do is brush and floss your teeth daily. Daily brushing and flossing has the largest impact on our oral health. And while most people focus on consistency, it is also important to focus on technique. Brushing and flossing can be more or less effective based on how you brush and floss. In this article, we will provide some helpful brushing and flossing tips for you and your family. 

How Long Should I Brush My Teeth?

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice per day. When you brush your teeth you should aim to brush between 2-3 minutes at a time. Altogether this means you should be brushing your teeth for at least 5 minutes every single day. It is generally recommended to brush your teeth in the morning either after you wake up or after having breakfast and before starting your day, and to brush your teeth before bed. When you brush your teeth at night it is highly recommended that after brushing you do not eat any food or drink any beverages other than water. Part of the goal of brushing at night is removing bacteria, sugars, and food before you fall asleep. This prevents bacteria growth that can occur overnight. A great way to help make sure you or your children are brushing long enough is to listen to music. Many songs are over the 2 minutes you need and are great for timing. 

How Long Should It Take To Floss My Teeth?

When it comes to flossing it is important to have the right technique. Whether you are using simple dental floss or a flossing tool you want the floss to be placed gently between two teeth and then gently rubbed against each tooth individually. In an average adult mouth there are 26 spots you will need to floss each day between the 28 teeth. This can take 1-2 minutes to do correctly. 

When Do I Need To Switch My Toothbrush?

You should go through 3-4 toothbrushes every single year. That means swapping out your toothbrush every 3-4 months or 90-120 days. Some people make the mistake of only switching toothbrushes when they visit the dentist but this is often too long of a wait since you only see the dentist twice per year. It is recommended to throw out the toothbrush when the bristles start to lose their stiffness. Some toothbrushes even start to fade in color when they need to be changed.

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