After college it can be difficult to find a dentist. When you were a kid you likely had any and all medical appointments handled by your parents. And it is not uncommon for many college students to either continue going to their home family dentist or in some cases skip the dentist. But once you are out of your hometown and out of college, how do you find the right dentist for you? Here at Joy Dentistry, we want to cover how to find a dentist you will like going to, that provides the treatments you need, and that has payment options that work for you. If you live in Ssuthern Maine and need a dentist for yourself or your entire family, give us a call. 

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How Do I Find A Dentist I Can Pay For In My New Town?

One of the first things to consider is how you will pay for dental services. When it comes to all medical treatments, one of the main reasons young adults put them off is because of payment options. It is important to understand how dental insurance and payment plans work. Since many young adults have access to dental insurance through their employers, it is worth considering asking your coworkers where they go to the dentist. They likely have the same insurance as you if you get your insurance through an employer and they are likely local if you work at the same office. But beyond that you can always check and see if your insurance provider has options for finding local dentists. 

But if you don’t have dental insurance, you shouldn’t skip the dentist. Many dental offices have payment plans or dental financing solutions that can help pay for dental treatments over time in installments if you are concerned about how large a bill might be for more in-depth dental services. 

How Do You Find A Dentist That Is Likable?

We might all wish for a dental office that magically never finds issues with our teeth like cavities or root canals. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. But what is possible is finding a dentist that is actually nice to go to. Some of the common concerns young adults have with dental offices is dealing with anxiety they developed as a child or dealing with a dentist that is condescending or otherwise negative. A good dentist is a dentist that is encouraging and positive during your dental visit. While there is always a place for getting some advice or maybe some pointers, no one wants to be treated like a kid during their dental visit. When you are looking for a dentist, check review websites. Beyond looking at the overall star rating, you should read stories. Many dental patients will mention the standout elements of their visit. This can be anything from a dentist that was really helpful in how they communicated, or a dentist that was professional and kind throughout the dental visit. Make sure to check reviews, to find the dental office you will want to go back to.

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