Tooth Replacement Options

When we were children we may have looked forward to a wiggling tooth. A loose tooth meant the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy and meant we were getting older. But as adults, a damaged or lost tooth can be frustrating. Not only can it leave a gap in your smile and lead to some embarrassment it can also be bad for your bite alignment. In this article, we will cover the different types of teeth replacement options. We believe the best decision anyone can make is to meet with a dentist that provides a variety of restorative options and to talk through them. 

A model of a dental implant

Dental Implants, Implant Supported Bridges, & Other Bridges

A 3D rendering of a traditional dental bridge

Two of the most common long-term restorative procedures for a lost tooth are dental bridges and dental implants. An implant is a long-lasting dental treatment that mimics the look and feel of a real tooth. It is a long process that involves attaching a post under the gum line to act as replacement roots and then attaching a crown and abutment above the gumline. Comparatively, dental bridges tend to be less costly but are at a higher risk of needing repairs or replacement. Bridges can either be reinforced by using an implant or by using surrounding teeth as anchors. The latter type of bridge is the more common treatment. Teeth-supported bridges require the anchor teeth to be given new dental crowns which can increase the risk of damage to your surrounding teeth. 

Dentures and Flippers

Dentures and flippers are removable false teeth and are often the least expensive method for replacing missing teeth. However, they also provide the least support for your mouth and are purely cosmetic in nature. They can be difficult to clean, uncomfortable to wear, and they do not stop your teeth from potentially shifting and changing your bite alignment. A flipper is named for its ability to flip in and out of position. These false teeth are a cosmetic option that is often fragile and not designed to replace the function of real teeth. 

Should I Get Implants or a Dental Bridge?

Choosing the right restorative procedure for a lost tooth is going to differ from patient to patient. It is important to consider how many teeth need to replaced, and the future of your mouth. As we age it is natural for our adult teeth to fall out. That is why many patients look into solutions like All-On-4 implants. All-On-4 implants aim to replace either all of your upper or lower teeth while only using four implants by combining bridges and implants. Talking over your options with a dentist is the best way to make sure you are getting the right procedure for your unique situation.

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