Dental Crowns in Lewiston Maine

At Joy Dentistry we provide CEREC dental crowns for our patients. Dental crown procedures are often done for teeth that are damaged due to tooth decay or dental trauma. If a tooth is cracked or broken, a dental crown might be used to restore the chewing surface of the tooth. Like other restorative dental procedures, crowns are designed to mimic both the look and feel of your natural teeth. 

What Can Dental Crowns Fix?

A dental crown is a synthetic cap that is placed over a tooth. There are a variety of reasons a dentist might recommend a dental crown. In some cases if dental decay has been left unchecked for too long, a simple dental filling will not be able to solve the problem and a larger section of the tooth will need to be removed and replaced with a crown. In some cases, dental crowns are necessary after root canal procedures. Dental crowns are also often used to repair broken, cracked, or severely chipped teeth. 

What Are CEREC Dental Crowns & Caps?

CEREC crowns are cermaic crowns that are designed for durability. CEREC crowns fit over your teeth just like a cap. These ceramic caps are designed to not only be durable but also to visually look just like your teeth. When you set up a dental appointment with our dentists, we will design a custom crown for your tooth that perfectly mimics your other teeth. 

A dental crown isolated

Dental Fillings

Dental crowns are often necessary when a dental filling is not viable. This is why it is important to get your teeth checked regularly. Catching tooth decay early could be the difference between needing a simple filling or a crown.

Root Canals

A root canal procedure involves cleaning out an infected root (the area of the tooth below the gumline) in some cases this process will also require the application of a dental crown to cover the exposed tooth and restore the chewing surface.

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