While the main reason to see a dentist is to improve and monitor dental health, a good benefit of seeing your dentist is also working on your smile. Often cleanings and other dentally necessary procedures can have positive effects on your smile, but if you are looking for a specific solution to an issue with your teeth or gums you might need a cosmetic dental service. Not all dentists provide cosmetic dental services, however, those that do often have many different services that can help. In this article we will cover different procedures, when they are used, and where to get them done. If you live in Southern Maine and are interested in cosmetic dentistry, please give us a call. 

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Are Cosmetic Dental Services Ever Medically Necessary Or Covered By Insurance?

Most people pay for their dental services with their insurance. Insurance usually covers general dental services like cleanings, x-rays, exams, and fillings. Insurance covers dental procedures like root canals, crowns, bridges, and implants. But it is very rare for insurance to cover something that is purely aesthetic or cosmetic. One exception to this rule is cosmetic services for alignment. Braces and Invisalign aligners are sometimes covered since they have some medical necessity for fixing tooth alignment. Misaligned teeth can actually have negative health effects on your jaw, teeth, and gums. But you should always check with your insurance provider first, because this coverage is not that common. 

Another dental issue that might have both a cosmetic and health solution is a missing or broken tooth. Missing and broken teeth often need to be replaced with bridges or implants to protect your smile and keep your teeth aligned. Getting an implant or bridge also has the benefit of filling in an embarrassing gap in your smile. One thing to be aware of here is that insurance may cover one procedure but not the other. It is common for insurance to cover bridges but not implants for example. 

Should You Use Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Products?

Over the counter teeth whitening products are often safe to use if used correctly. If you plan to buy anything over the counter, you should make sure it is a product that your dentist recommends. That being said there are many more reasons to get teeth whitening from a dentist. Not only is it safer, but it often also yields better results. 

What Other Cosmetic Treatments Are There?

Here at Joy Family Dentistry we provide many cosmetic services including, contouring/reshaping, dental bonding, veneers and smile makeovers. A smile makeover is just a term that refers to using multiple procedures together to fully improve your smile. For example, contouring and reshaping are done to make teeth look more symmetrical while veneers cover a tooth to cover stains, cracks, or chipped sections. A smile makeover can combine these treatments together to improve your smile. 

Schedule A Cosmetic Dental Visit For Your Kids

If you are interested in getting cosmetic dental services done in Maine, we would be happy to discuss an appointment here in southern Maine.