There are many reasons a young adult might not be seeing the dentist twice a year. It could be that you don’t have insurance, or maybe you moved and finding a new dentist hasn’t been the highest priority. Whatever the reason, there are plenty more reasons you want to to get back to the dentist as soon as possible. A quick dental appointment can help prevent a variety of dental issues. Not only can a dentist find and address issues, they can also provide protection for your teeth with fluoride treatments and dental sealants. 

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Reasons You Might Have Stopped Going To The Dentist

Adults might give a variety of reasons they stopped going to the dentist. Let’s cover a few of them and why it might be time to go back:

  • You’ve Moved: One common reason you might not go to the dentist is that you need a new one. In high school and college you might have continued going to the same dentist your parents had been scheduling for you. But after graduating you might move to a new area of the country, and finding dentists and doctors can be difficult. While it is easy to forget and procrastinate, it is something you might regret down the line. What you need to do is find a new dentist.
  • Nothing Seems Wrong: You might think “going to the dentist is for kids, because that is when more is going on with your teeth”. And while it is true that it is very important for kids to see a dentist as they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth come in, it is just as important for adults. The fact is, our teeth do not give us the same warning signs other parts of our bodies might when there are problems. Often toothaches start after significant damage has happened. Even if you don’t feel like anything is wrong, you should still see a dentist so that x-rays and exams can make sure of it. Plus, brushing/flossing go a long way but they can’t provide the same level of cleaning protection that a dentist can.
  • You Had Bad Experiences As a Kid: Let’s not sugarcoat it, many kids are afraid of the dentist, and while adults might not categorize their feelings as fear, going to the dentist might not be the number one thing on their list of fun things to do. Dentist understand this, more than you might think. Many adults might feel a little embarrassed by how they feel about seeing a dentist, but most dentists understand that issues you had as a kid can greatly affect you as an adult. What you need is a dentist that believes in a judgement-free and comfortable approach to dentistry. While we can’t promise we won’t find anything wrong, we can be nice and gentle throughout the appointment.
  • It’s Been So Long, I Definitely Have A Cavity: This feeds off the last point, but some adults will say that they don’t want to go to the dentist because they know that they probably will have a cavity or other issue. This is often the case with people who had many fillings as a kid. However, this is actually a reason you should go to the dentist. If you are worried that after years of not going, there is a high likelihood something might be wrong, you should consider going now. Cavities spread, from tooth to tooth and deeper into your teeth. What can be solved with a filling to day might only be solved with a root canal or even tooth extraction in a few years. 

How To Find A Good Dentist In Your Area

One reason you might not be going to the dentist is that you need to change dentists. Maybe your insurance changed, maybe you moved, or maybe you just don’t enjoy going to your current dentist. No matter why, you might need to find a new dentist. You might put this off for a bit because really who wants to go to a dentist. Well, as much as you might want to procrastinate, a quick dental visit can save you a lot of pain, problems, and money in the future. We recommend talking to coworkers, especially if they are on your insurance and live locally for dental recommendations. Beyond that you can always Google dentists that take your insurance and that have good reviews on Google. If you live in the Southern Maine area we would be happy to discuss our services and payment options.

How Do I Pay For The Dentist If I Don't Have Dental Insurance

Not having insurance is another reason many adults avoid the dentist, But it shouldn’t be. Many dentists work with financing plans like Care Credit or even provide their own payment plans that can make dentistry economically viable even if you don’t have insurance. At the very least a simple cleaning and exam is a great way to make sure you don’t have any dental issues.

Schedule A Dental Appointment in Maine

If you need dental services for you or a member of your family, please give us a call. We would be happy to help with a variety of dental treatments for you and your family.